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  • Custom Data Folder is inaccessible!

    This is driving me nuts! I've been trying all day to get this to work, but it just won't! I'm running logic on a mac and a VSL Ensemble Pro 64 bit Server on a Win7 64bit PC. Whenever I try to load a logic session that requires the server to load data I get this error: "Custom Data Folder inaccessible". I assigned the correct folders in the Directory Manager on the PC.First I thought it may be a problem with the user right in win7, but when I open up Ensemble Pro (not the server) on the PC I can load any instrument I like without any errors.

    I've got to say that I recently cloned my win7 to a SSD, so there might be some confusion with user right - altough I never had any problems with that so far. And the non server Ensemble Pro is working fine, so obviously I do have the rights to access the data.

    I don't know what else to try! Any suggestions? I really need to figure this out since I've got a deadline coming up on Sunday..


    Just came accross something new. I recently bought the Vienna Instruments Pro. I just realised that I can only open up data with the Instruments Pro, not with the normal Vienna Instruments...

    Ok, updating the Instruments didn't solve the problem either...

    Ok, something new again. After clicking on the "ok" of the error message about 100 (felt) times everything shows up as usual. Selecting an instrument results in the same error (again clicking ok several times), then I can acces everything. But this still is no state! I certainly don't want to click on ok several times before using the software...