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  • EW Symphonic Choirs working in VE Pro?

    I can't get the EWQLSC Wordbuilder to work when Play is hosted in VE Pro. MIDI is getting in, I can hear audio but Wordbuilder just doesn't seem to engage. I just hear the raw of sample mapping which obviosuly makes sense to Wordbuilder but not otherwise.

    I'm running VE Pro on the same Mac as PT9HD. If I open an instance of Play in PT, Wordbulider works fine.

    I've Googled this and it seem others have the same problem. Has anyone got this working in VE Pro/Pro Tools?

    Any ideas gratefully recieved.

  •  Are you loading anthing else in the instalce of VEP besides 1 instance of Play?  If so, that's the problem.

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  • Many thanks Bill that was it! I had another instance of Play running.

    Up and running now. [:D]