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  • Problems with payment confirmation

    Hi I just used PayPal to buy the soprano choir download instrument, the paypal part worked fine but when the browser sent me back to the VSL site to confirm my registration/payment/whatever, it somehow got stuck (it said wait a few seconds but I waited about five minutes until I gave up). I am worried something happened. Could this mean the instrument won't show up on my profile? Or did the payment even get through? Does the Vienna site have to confirm the payment from PayPal or is it already transacted when PayPal forwards the browser back to Vienna? I'm using student discount so I am aware that it won't show up immediately on my profile page but I am worried my computer screwed something up. Regards Jorgen

  • Some additional info. The order shows up under the menu Basket -> Order where I can chose "Submit your order" but when I do that I get this error: "Parameter ORDERNUMBER has to be unique for this operation. Most likely, this transaction has already been processed." But when I click on the Confirmation menu, I get this message: "THERE IS NO ORDER IN PROCESS - please add products to your basket first." I guess the order should show up under confirmation after it has been paid? Edit. Oh, also I just noticed that I haven't got any confirmation mail from either VSL or PayPal that the transaction has been completed and no money has been drawn from my account so I am guessing I just have to make a new order or something? The thing is I am afraid that the money will be drawn twice if I do that (if that wasn't the problem).

  • Hi Jorgen,

    I'm sorry to hear of your problem when placing an order in our webshop!
    I just took a look into our records, I'm afraid that the payment didn't go through, that's why you also haven't received the confirmation email with the activation code. So your order attempts have unfortunately been unsuccessful.

    Please simply try to place your order again in our web shop. Log out and in again on our website for the new order. If you use Safari on a Mac as your browser, please try to use another browser, e.g., Firefox or Chrome, as this may solve the problem.
    If you want to order via credit card, please consider to contact your credit card company to announce that there will be a foreign online transaction (some cards have limits for online orders at foreign web shops).

    Let me know if that doesn't help. We can then offer you to process your order in our back office as a solution.

    Again, please excuse the inconvenience this issue has caused!



  • Hi again I bought the instrument on the 10th of november but on my bank account a second payment seem to have been made but for an amount of money that seems to be the price without the discount. It doesn't say what this is for (it says preliminary payment in the info, not "Vienna Symphonic Library" which the legitimate payment says) so it could be that I somehow have been hacked. I hope this is not because of the problems I had with PayPal. If so, should I get in touch with your customer support or with PayPals? Regards Jorgen

  • It seems this mysterious transaction has disappeared, so I guess all is well now. :)

  • Hi J.Hall,

    Thanks for the update!

    If you have any further questions, please contact our sales support at .