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  • Horns Performance glissandos problem

    Hello I have two questions concerning the glissandos in Triple horn and Horn ensemble (both download instruments with both the standard and extended libraries). There is a patch called Performance glissandos (Perf-gliss) in both of them. my questions are: 1- Why this patch is not included under the Matrix section of the instruments as part of one of the sets like it is in other instruments (as indicated by its name "Performance glissando")? i only see it under the patch Glissandi section as a seperate patch (just wondering if there is something wrong in my library's layout). 2- This Performance glissando patch has only one layer (played with full velocity or strong dynamic). I tried to add expression and velocity x-fade but apparently it was recorded with only that strong dynamic. Is this how it suppose to be or is there something wrong with my library content? currently it is un-usable as is because there is no way to transition from a legato note with certain medium dynamic to a glissando with the same dynamic. I appreciate any feedback or information about these issues since i tried looking for answers with no success. Thanks

  • any body?