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  • Moving from Giga (2004) to Vienna Ensemble (2011)

     Hi there,

    I currently use the Orch Cube Pro Ed and Perf Set Pro Ed (bought 2004), all still used in my Giga studio. It still sounds good, but creating accurate phrasing is a complex patch up job.

    The new software (Vienna Ensemble) looks good, but which DVD collection will emulate the sounds I have? For example:

    1. I love the Vln (14) 4 layers p - f (using mod wheel)
    2. I really like using 2 separate stacc. flute sample sets with the repetition tool to create authentic fast moving stacc. lines
    3.I use the mod wheel with the Hns Ens (4) to create that brass brilliance / edge

    I can't afford to buy the whole lot again, and yet I can't just have 'all the samples' from one family -  eg leaving no woodwind! Do the 'introductory' orchestral sets have all these sorts of articulations and expressions? I really need the mod wheel control, recorded in real time.

    Thanks, Neil

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    @Another User said:

    creating accurate phrasing is a complex patch up job.

    Using VI SE/plus might be less complex - as you have less sample-content to deal with😉
    But even with that samples you'll keep on trying and sometimes succeeding, meaning you'll consume time...    
    Using the big collections: Take a look at Beat Kaufmanns webpage, and you'll get an impression what can/ has to be done to create authentic phrasing.

    Did what I wrote help or clarify a little?

  •  Thanks Sebastian - very useful. My issues are not with the VSL samples, but rather the software needed to use them. i could not ever go back to less samples than I've currently got!!
    I'm going to have to buy quite a lot of gear one day!

    Best, Neil