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  • Vienna Ensemble Problem - No AU Effect-Plugins found!

    Hi! I recently started using VSL Software and I have a Problem with Vienna Ensemble (not Pro): When I open VE within my Sequencer (Logic 8) and try to set up Effects on the Channels, Vienna Ensemble ONLY lists Apple's AU Effects, that come with Logic 8 like AUBandPass, MatrixReverb etc., but no other AU-Plugins like e.g. GuitarRig... However, this Problem only appears when I open VE within my Sequencer, when I open the VE-Standalone-Application, it gives me the complete List of all my AU-Effects including GuitarRig, etc. I know routing the Signal out of VE onto a new Audiotrack within Logic and then adding the Effects could be a Workaround, but I'd really love to do all the mixing within VE, as it saves a lot of time, is straight and easy! Thanks for your advices!

  • By default the 64-bit VE Service is started automatically, which will only list 64-bit capable AU's. You can however force VE in 32-bit mode by starting the 32-bit VE Service before instantiating any VE plugins.

  • Thank you! That's the solution!