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  • [SOLVED] Cubase 6 Elements Problem.

    Hi! I work with CB for one week. All works fine. At a moment's notice i didn't hear anything. I checked the Steinberg forum, google and so on for my problem. I reinstalled my soundcards, asiodrivers and so on. Nothing. In the end i made a new project file in Cubase and all is working well again. But not my first project. Indeed, there is a signal that something happens in cubase, but no sound. Any ideas what i do wrong? Thankyou.

  • Check the VST Connections window (F4) to see whether audio outputs are actually connected.

  • Thanks, but... it's everytime the same. Once you have post your problem in a forum you'll find the solution by yourself. Same here... I don't know why, but the volume-controller in vienna instruments, vienna ensemble pro, In/Out was on the left side. I'm very sure that i never was in that menu before. Goodness knows... Solved.