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  • Vienna Special Edition Standard in Garageband?

    Hello, I have a question. Is it able to use "Vienna Special Edition Standard" in "Garageband". I have "Garageband" on a MacBook Pro. How can I load the "Vienna Intruments Player" in "Garageband", when this is possible? Thanks for all help! composer_17

  • Its pretty easy to set up, although I wouldn't recommend it. Just select VI in the sound generator area of the 'software instruments' area on the right. If I were you though I'd download reaper in stead.

  • Hello, thank you very very much :-) It works!!! Is it possible to open only one "Vienna Ensemble Player" for all tracks? Because at the moment, I open for each track in Garageband a new "Vienna Ensemble Player", and I do not know, whether this is good for the processor. Thank you for helping me! composer_17

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    Hi composer 17,

    Check out our demo songs for the Special Edition, this will tell you more!

    You can insert up to 16 Vienna Instruments into Vienna Ensemble, it is a multi-timbral plug-in.



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Hello Paul, thank you very much for answering me! :-) The demo songs are great! Yes, you are right, I can use it as a multi-timbral plug-in. Best wishes, composer_17