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  • MIR upgrade /Order problem

    Hi Vienna,

      Unfortunatelly my credit card transaction failed several times and I was wondering maybe someone can tell me why this is happening.

     really don't know why since my credit card has suffiecient funds.



  • Hi Vienna, Paul or Stefan,

    Can you check for me why I can't used my credit card toward the MIR full upgrade?... it seems here that everything is fine. Or is just that the canadian dolar is higher a bit than US ;))

    Please let me know, 



  • Hi Bogdan,

    I have already informed our IT people that you encounter problems. It might be that it's due to the weekend that they couldn't find a solution up to now.

    Thanks for your patience!

    Kind regards,

    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library
  • Hi Bogdan,

    I'm sorry to hear of your problem in our web shop - it seems that your credit card has reached some kind of limit, maybe you have a limit for online orders from foreign web shops that you're not aware of?

    We'll contact you shortly via email, and process your order via back office as this is the easiest and quickest solution in cases like this. :-)



  • My credit card company freak out hen I make purchases in other countries and block my card. I usualy get a phone call from their security dept after a day or so to make sure it's me using the card!