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  • Vepro Router question

    Dears all,

    i have just expanded my setup from 2 to 3 mac for VePro, my question is : actually i am using a NetGear router DG 834 GT, it seems to be equipped only with 10/100 ports. Do i have to purchase another router with 10/100/1000 ? Any suggestion about wich one ?

    Thanks in advance.


  • you just need a gigabit switch

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  • Thanks i've got.


  • This topic is of great interest to me.

    I also have a basic Sky dsl router which I believe is 10/100.   My router which is the hall cupboard has the ethernet cable running to a kind of breakout box, also in the cupboard (the box is part of the house networking).   Then in my studio, I have ethernet sockets (which the connections come directly from that breakout box).   

    I'm a bit in the dark about the gigabit switch.   How does the gigabit switch turn the router into a 10/100/1000?    If someone could explain that would be great thanks.


  • A Gigabit switch does not turn your router into a gigabit router, but all devices attached to this switch can communicate at 1GBit, while an uplink to a router would still run at 100MBit.