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  • VE Pro 5 Upgrade Costs for those about to buy VE Pro 4

    It seems my initial post in the main VE Pro 5 thread got overlooked so I'll repeat my questions here in regards to upgrades... For those that are thinking about purchasing VE Pro or have literally just taken the plunge and bought VE Pro 4, will VE Pro 5 be made available as a free update (or at extremely low cost)? Also, should any prospective buyer now wait until VE Pro 5 is released? I ask because I bought VE Pro 4, five days ago for my home based studio (Unaware a new version was imminent!) and I am now considering purchasing further copies for my Main Studio but I'm not sure whether to proceed now that VE Pro 5 has been announced and will be available within the next 10 or so days... So, can someone please either respond here or by email so I can make a decision. Thank you Nigel The Art Of Sound Studios

  •  Hello,

    I just purchased v4 three days ago and I do hope, as you do, that v5 will be free (or the upgrade will indeed be very inexpensive).

  • Hi, 

    There will be a reasonable upgrade price from VE PRO 4 to VE PRO 5, which will be announced when the product is available. 



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Thanks Paul for that info.. and I understand that for those who already have VE Pro 4 there will be a cheaper upgrade path. However, what I am asking is will there be a 'free' update for those who literally just bought VE Pro 4 rather than for those who have had VE pro for a while now. Maybe you could consider a 'free' or for a nominal sum upgrade for anyone who purchased VE Pro 4 in the last 30 days for example? This would then allow those stuck in limbo, not knowing if to purchase now or later.. to go ahead now and not worry that they will have to play twice for both the old and new versions... Thoughts?

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    @Luc2 said:

    I wouldn't count on it 😊 what about the people that bought the product 31 days ago in your example? :)
    Of course.. There always has to be some form of fair cut off date but many other companies do it.. Heck, even Apple does it with their software/OS.... and I think it is only fair for those purchasing right now that they shouldn't get effectively 'double billed' for the same software that others have used for a while. But, if that is how it is, then so be it. I'm simply asking now rather than simply recommending to my clients not to purchase now so they don't regret doing so later... Cheers! Nigel

  • Hi again, 

    There will be the same upgrade price for all VE PRO 4 users, if they like to get VE PRO 5. 

    VE PRO 5 will of course have a higher price tag. All prices and upgrade prices will be announced when we release VE PRO 5. 

    The benefit of getting VE PRO 4 now is that you can use it already, and of course the upgrade price will be reasonable. 



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Thanks Paul.. That answers my question and allows me to give my clients the right advice at this time.. which would be to hold off purchasing until after VE Pro 5 is released and any initial bugs are resolved. Cheers.. Nigel

  • As currently there is a discount going on for students I really would like to know if it will be financially worth it to purchase VE Pro 4 under the student discount for about $170 from , then purchase the upgrade to VE Pro 5, or will there be a student discount for 5, maybe specifically from that website which as far as I can tell has the best prices, that will be cheaper than getting 4 ahead of time? I don't foresee myself using VE Pro within the next few weeks, so having it early means very little to me, however the cost matters a lot, and although it has been stated that there would be a "fair" upgrade cost, as we all know the upgrade is coming extremely shortly, most probably within a week or two, would it be worth it to take advantage of this student offer, or will the full price on 5 be better than taking advantage of this deal, then paying for the upgrade? As for what was stated in regards to those who purchased the software within less than a month before the next version's release, that we would still have to pay the upgrade cost, even Avid waived an upgrade cost under those circumstances, and although I understand that the software should be "worth it" to pay for the upgrade, if we just purchased it, if we can't get the upgrade for free (which even Avid when they raised their standard purchase cost going into 10, allowed those recent purchasers of 9 a free upgrade), then wouldn't it at least be fair to give a reduced upgrade cost? I am unaware of the pricing on the upcoming version, so maybe "fair" could be very little, but we're sort of extremely in the dark with this one, and some clarity would be nice. Thank you.

  • Hi dstryrwiz, 

    Of course it will pay off to purchase VE PRO 4 with the student discount now. 



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Okay, thank you.