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  • VI Pro 2.0 Demo Hardware

    In the demo we see a Doepfer and a Korg controller. I've been wanting to find or perhaps even make my own hardware VSL matrix cell controller. This Korg and many others seem to have only 4x4 or 5x5 layouts. I could always build my template around it, but does anyone know of a product (professionally made or even 'jimmy-rigged') that could potentially have more. At least 7x7, or rather totalling 42 pads or preferably 50 or more?  I don't care about it being velocity sensative, simply the grid layout controller.


  • I haven't made a deep read of the specs, but maybe one of them can meet your needs: Maybe you can use the APC40 as a plain midi controller, without all the Live functionality. The Ohm64 seems very close to what you're looking for. Hope that helps. Best regards!

  • It would be cool to be able to use a controller like those (Akai apc40, ableton novation launchpad, Livid Ohm64) and assign a cell to each pad. But I have not found a way to link each pad to each cell in VI Pro. Does anyone else know how? Another similar topic thread (