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  • [SOLVED] Installation of Vienna Special Edition Standard

    Hello, I am new at "VSL" and I really like the sounds, samples, softwares ... But I have a problem (I excuse for my bad English, I am from Germany :-)): I started the "Vienna Instruments Library Installer" and wanted to install the first of my "Vienna Special Edition DVD's". When I clicked on "install", a message appeared: "Please insert Vienna Special Edition Disc 1 and click on 'continue'', or something like that. So I insert the DVD and clicked on "continue". But then, the same sign appeared and so on. The right DVD was insert but if I click on "continue", the same message appeared again and again. So I do not know, what I have to do, to start the installation. Thanks for all help :-) composer_17

  • Hello, I have already solved the problem! The library works now and it is a great software!!! :-) Best wishes, composer_17