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  • spread vienna special edition on 2 machines

    Hi if i buy a special edition library can i spread in 2 slave pc? i need of 2 usb-keys elicenser with the same license load? or i buy 2 licenses?


  •  Special Edition is designed to be used on one machine, therefore only come with one licence. If you want to use it on two machines at the same time, then you will need two licences.

    However, be sure that you actually need slave machines. I run the whole cube, and other Collections, from one machine, so unless your DAW PC is severely underpowered, you may not need any slave machines.


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    Hi attla78,

    Another option is to get the Special Edition DOWNLOAD Collections. This way you get separate licenses for the different sections and can spread them over different machiness.



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • i have VEP with two i7 sandy bridge 3800k  with 16gb of ram and two HD in RAID 0 can i run all special edition in only one machines

  • Hi attla78, 

    Sound s like a cool setup, no trouble at all. The whole Special Edition loads into around 4 GB of RAM (and you never need ALL samples, really). 



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • if i buy separately special ed and special sd plus i will have two different licenses for using it in 2 machines? or also for special ed plus i don't have need more of 16gb of ram? i think to expand in the future with symphonic cube and i will have need of almost 2 licenses .....i don't know what kind of package buy now in order to have this flexibility

  • Okay, so I thought I scrolled down and obviously didn't. If you read my reply via email, forget it. Sorry.

    Although, what I said about upgradability and computers getting better- I still stand to. With the new CPU's out lately, I could easily build a desktop machine that could handle a good chunk of VSL. I think there are some desktop boards that even hold 48GB now. ALTHOUGH, keep in mind that Vienna Instruments Pro 2.0 will have SSD options to use 10x less ram for the same samples. So that could save you having to load over multiple computers too. Just a thought.