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  • So... About that update for DB (tap tap tap) this thing on?? 

    Ok so no offense here, but...

    There are a couple of other Brass Libraries that were released after DB and have already recieved updates...  can we just some basic fixes for this library? PLEASE???  There are a few bugs which are on here that I and others have listed.  These would be relatively easy fixes.  Not sure what the hold up is. Honestly just getting a bit impatient here as one bug in particular has interfered several times with writing/composing. 

    Needless to say, DB seems to be like the ugly stepchild that no one wants to do anything for. What with all the new products coming out.


    *EDIT*  I purchased this in Feb. 2011.  That's nine months guys... Come on, Man! (for those of you with ESPN)

  • What are these bugs you are talking about?  I am curious as I have used Dimension Brass and had no problems with it. 

  • Mostly some round robin issues triggering wrong notes.  These were brought to VSL's attention months ago.  They said it would be soon, and still have not fixed it.  These issues alone would be easy fixes.  There are a couple of others... but I am not in the studio at the moment and don't remember the specifics.

  • Would anyone from VSL care to comment on a possible time frame?  You said "it will be soon" before and I assumed you meant 1 month... maybe. Does your soon include another 6-9 months for an update? 1 more year?  It's been released since January or February of this year.  If you aren't keeping up, IT'S NOVEMBER!

    Again... I realise this may sound silly.  But I don't like spending $700, plus the $100 something on VI Pro... and get a product that doesn't fully work that you won't update.    

    So... to sum up my frustration...  When will you have the update for Dimension Brass available?


  • Alright... a month and no response from you guys.... REALLY???

    Anyone wanna buy this off of me???  Ready to sell it at a reasonable price for anyone who doesn't own it. *WARNING* Some features are still not working properly and VSL has promised for over 9 months to fix this... and hasn't.  If interested.. PM and make me a offer.


  •  Did you try the actual Library Update for Dimension Brass, is the trombones bug still unfixed?

  • Herb,

    I haven't tried the update that shows up.... in an obscure part of the website, that I had to dig to find.  I'm glad that there is one, however...

    A. There is no mention on the front page, in the news section, product section, newsletter, or the forum that the update is available. There was no email stating that it was available.  So I had no clue that it was even there... until you said so in your response.  And still had trouble finding it.

    B. I realize that you guys have been very busy with the new releases and all... but...  I first asked about this update 5 months ago.  And this is the first time anyone has officially responded to my question.  5 months... Other companies have managed to release their brass libraries, and still release updates for those libraries during this time.

    C. Again I realize this is a business you guys operate and you have to continue to make products. But... I purchased DB, I believe, in January 2011.  11 months later and we finally have the update to some fixes that could have been relatively simple.  Please understand I have been a long time supporter of VSL's products... but the fact that this time you release something with some bugs and the request are ignored and finally 11 months after the fact you release the update.  Why not focus on the products you are releasing... get the minor/major bugs fixed then move on to the next product instead of taking my money, which I chose to spend on your Brass Library and not another companies, and just moving on to the next product with what seems like an attitude of, "Well they paid so now we can make the next product.. make more money.. then go back a year later and fix the problems in our other products."  If I had known this was going to happen, there is a good chance I would have just waited and purchased a different library.  But I didn't.

    As a loyal customer to VSL since 2005. I would like to continue supporting you guys, but geez... your effort with this product has been less than lackluster.  Hopefully, this isn't the new trend.


  •  I found a couple of faulty notes in DB,  I mentioned it here on the forum and within 48 hours it was fixed. The new release of VI Pro had an issue with a function, and I mentioned that here, and that was fixed within 48 hours too with another update.  Now I may have just mentioned things that were already noted and were going to be fixed anyway, but the updates were quick and effective.

    Updates are easy to find, it's simply USER area, DVD products, Library updates and they are all infront of you.

    A provocative post is not likely to get a reply, it will undoubtedly simply get no response.

    The moral of this post.  It's not what you ask, it's the way you ask for it.

  • Dude... REALLY???? *bites tongue*

    First of all, don't start posting in a thread with some arrogant attitude like that.  If you had any bit of common sense... at all... you would have gathered from the posts in this thread, that this is not the first thread that I started asking for this update.  I know how to make request.  These request were nicely made in June and July.  This month, I started this thread because NO ONE WOULD RESPOND!!!  The original request were made 5 months ago, Mister "I get request answered within 48 hours because my sh*t don't stink"  How dare you come in here and lecture me on how to get it done. This provocative post DID get a reply from Herb.  I was simply stating my frustration to him about how the customer service had lacked on this product so far.

    But I digress.. apparently you are incapable of thoroughly reading a thread before brashly commenting.  So me explaining myself to you, will more than likely be as usefull as a T.V. would have been to Helen Keller. 

    Yours truly,


  • Dear Brad,

    I'm sorry to hear that you feel to be supported badly ... still I kindly ask you to keep your anger directed at VSL, not at fellow forum members who jump in with experiences that (obviously) differ from yours. Thanks.

    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library
  • Dietz, you're right.  My apologies.  And thank you for your response and understanding of my frustration.  That is appreciated.  I should have sent that response in a DM instead of here.


  • never mind

  • William - please. Please! Brad apologized already. :-)

    You know - it are always the small problems _we_ see that make us go crazy. I think Brad has found his pet-topic like everbody else has. No need for anybody to call other guys names.

    Peace (... hey, I was told that it is the first Sunday in Advent today, if this is of any importance)

    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library
  • Thanks Dietz.  And again... I really, REALLY appreciate your attitude and understanding towards the situation.