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  • VI PRo attack default at 0?

    Hello ,

    Just got Vi Pro and I see the attack defaults to 0 both on master contoller page and for individual slots for each cell. How do I shorten the attack of an instrument? I believe on standard VI it defaulted to 63 or somewhere in middle.. I know I am missing something. 

  •  Hi Ducasse,

    generally there is no ADSR attack value mapped in 99% of our instrument patches. Therefor  attack values can't be shortened just enhanced.

    The only exception are the performance intervall patches, which do have partially very short attacks. But shorten these attack values causes digital spikes easely.

    So the attack slider with default value 64 in the old VI was a kind of missconception.

    If you want to get tighter attacks of any instruments you can now apply a sample start offset up to 50 MS on the advanced tab with "Start Offset" value. And further you can scale this offset in realtime with the "Start" controller.



  • Thanks Herb. Wouldn't applying offset lengthen the attack though? It looks like the "Start Offset" defaults at 0 as well. There is a "Start Offset Attack" that is default at 5 ms. I assume "Start offset" delays the sample being played. What does "Start offset Attack" do?

    Thank you for your help. You guys make great products!

  •  No it's the other way around, with start offset you are going into the wavs, you make them faster. That means you are shortening the beginning of a sample, so samples which have a natural slow attack (performed by the musicians) can be "tightend" Therefor you also need a kind of techncal fade in, otherwise the samples would cause a click at the beginning.

    If you want to delay anything you have to use the delay slider you find in the "Edit" tab.



  • Ah, thank you! So what does the "start offset attack" slider in the edit tab do? Thanks for the help.[:D]

  •  I guess you mean the "Advanced" Tab.

    Here you can set a technical fade in, usually 10-15 MS are enough if you use any "Start Offset" values higher than 0, to avoid spikes when you are shifting the start point into a sample. Start Offset ist simply cutting away the beginning of a sample. If you do editing on wav files and making hard cuts into a wav file without any fades, you would get a glitch at the beginning of the file.



  • Thank you. So if I leave these (Start offset and Start offset Attack) at default value does the start slider on the perform page do anything? I think i hear the attack becoming shorter as I lower it's value from it's default 127 towards 0.

    Thank you! I promise this is last question!

  • If "Start Offset" is set to 0, and "Start Offset Attack" is set to 5 MS (it's the per default the lowest value)

    you will get a 5 MS fade in on the attack when the "Start" controller on the perform page ist set to 127.

    Usually only audible with instruments with a super fast original attack like snares.

    Check also if you test a patch which offers maybe multiple variations of the same note. You can be easely be fooled if you listen to two different samples and riding the "Start" controller. The best way to check these kind of settings is to switch off all available repetitions except one, switching off the red circles above the humanize area.



  • Thanks Herb. I was in fact hearing the repetition sample! I appreciate the help understanding this.