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  • My new score in progress: Feedback appreciated ! :)

    Hi hi fellow composers!
    I am new to VSL and I'm working on a new composition. I'm practicing orchestral music and wish to get it to a professionnal level.

    This song is not yet done, and I wish to have some commentaries, feedback, inputs, anything! It would be highly appreciated.

    here is the link:

    Thank you so much!! :)


  •  Nice work. It progresses along and makes good sense, and you pull in additional parts and build the song nicely. What else do you plan on doing to it?

  • Hi jake, thank you for your kind words and the time to listen!

    The next step for me on the song is mainly to tighten everything, namely the violin sections. I will also redo the cymbals, they were done way too fast and they are not well placed. When I am satisfied with it I'm going to my friend's who is way better at mixing than me, and we set it up for my website as another demo song! :)

    Thanks again for listening!


  • hi seraz

    for some reason i got a : page not found".....did you took put the link?

  • Hi Mayyar, thanks for trying to listen. ^^

    Perhaps if I give you the long link it will work :


  • HI seraz

    I didn't get to listen to it a lot because i'm having techinical problems with my internet connection that i just can't figure it and no one could yet!

    however from what i got, i like the piece and i think it will sound much better when it si mastered and mixed well becaue to me it sounded a little blury, i also like the colors, is it written for a middle age scene?

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