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  • New Piece. Vienna + EW Gold

    Hello, to my taste the ensembles on Vienna are a little dry and inexpressive, of course you may say it is not true, it's a matter of taste.

    I've made this piece having the solo instruments on Vienna and the ensembles on EW. I've replaced today the original piece which was 100% Vienna about a year ago.

    I just love how the two libraries blend together.


  • Hi solare,

    Probably what I'm going to say was said thousands of times before and maybe better ;))...but stil, you have to know that brining some Viena Suite ( or the well known and/or also the best thing called MIR) you're going to change your perspective about inexpressivity. At least you have to realise that the sample recording is completely different : Vienna samples are recorded dry ( and allows further adjustments) while EW already recorderd some reverb from the start.

      Of coursse is just an opinion, but maybe helps somehow to reshape your conclusion



  • I agree with bogdan as the dry VSL vs wet EW topic has been covered many times here on the VSL forums. It really does depend on the composer's preference I suppose. It sure doesn't hurt to have both libraries though. [:)] But, you did a very good job on the piece you posted. Lots of texture, moods and dynamics. Well put together...

  • I understand but by no means am I refering to reverb.
    The EW ones I got them dry (microphone, no reverb). 

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