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  • Any Cubase 6 users with VE Pro? Simple question...Can I use an instrument track to play and re...

    I'd rather not have a separate track for incoming audio from VE Pro and a separate midi track for sending midi info to VE Pro...all for just one sound. I can't however figure out how to do this. I'm coming from Pro Tools they only have 64 instrument tracks and I hated any an extra track for each sound. Also does VE Pro and Cubase 6 play nice together? Crashes? Performance? VE Pro works great with Pro Tools.

  • Hello.

    I have CB6, and have used it a lot with VE Pro with Vienna Instrument Pro.  I setup VE Pro with instruments loaded, each on its own MIDI Channel.

    In CB I choose VE Pro in the VST Instruments window, then add as many MIDI tracks as I have instruments in VE Pro, and select then select VE Pro MIDI channels for each VE Pro instrument.  This way, I only have the MIDI tracks and one Folder showing VE Pro, and all the MIDI channel tracks.

    I also have PT9, but haven't used it for a while.  I think I'll give it another try, since you have such good experience with it.

  •  Just select an "Instrument Track" in Cubase, and select VE Pro as the instrument.

    I only use Cubase and I use nearly all my VSTi's through VE Pro, and all works perfectly well, in fact some instruments like EW Play, seem to work better within VE Pro than they do as a straight VST.  

  • Right but then if I open VE Pro(client) on an instruments track I can't connect any other midi or instrument track to that VE Pro instance. Meaning for every instrument track I have I will need a whole new instance in VE instance...that is not efficient. I need to host several sounds in ONE VE Pro instance(16 audio outs) and have 16 instrument tracks for each sound. 16 instrument tracks sending 16 different midi info to VE Pro and then VE Pro sending back 16 different audio outs back directly to the 16 instrument tracks....NOT to an additional audio track in Cubase 6 like it sets up if you load VE Pro in "VST Instruments"(F11). Also aside from sending and receiving all info on multiple instrument track to one VE Pro instance, I would also like each instrument track to receive multiple midi track info(different articulations) but then have each instrument track play back the audio from VE Pro of all articulation....(expression maps).. If anyone can help me out with this I would really appreciate it. Is this even possible in Cubase? In Pro Tools instrument tracks can be handled this way and it was great not to have 2 tracks(audio and midi) for each sound.

  •  Yes, that's the limitation of using Instrument tracks. Steinberg has said that they intend to make Instrument tracks multi timbral in the future. Just not yet. [;)]


  • So in the 2 ways of using VE Pro inside of Cubase(on an instrument track and the other in VSL Instruments(F11) I am stuck using a midi and an audio track for each sound?

  •  You had originally posted

    "I'd rather not have a separate track for incoming audio from VE Pro and a separate midi track for sending midi info to VE Pro...all for just one sound"

    So use instrument tracks for one sound, but if you want multple parts then instrument tracks don't make sense, as all your audio would only come back through a single audio track (asuming Steinberg do implememt multimbral instrument tracks - but I don't see much point in it).

    But, Instrument tracks show MIDI data, and once you bounce that down into audio, you then have a corresponding audio track. You will always need the MIDI data and the audio, so I cannot see what you are expecting to happen.

  • I typically don't print my instrument tracks in Pro Tools. I mix instrument tracks as if they were audio. If instrument tracks were multitimbral then I could route multiple midi/other instrument tracks into one instrument track that is hosting the VE Pro client. And have all the sounds of all those midi/other instrument tracks coming out of that one instrument track that is hosting VE Pro Client..."or" reroute the audio signals back into each instrument track... If you've never used Pro Tools with VE Pro then yes Andy you might have a hard time understand what I'm trying to articulate. It sounds like you can't do in Cubase what I can do in Pro Tools but basically in Pro Tools lets say for example I have 16 different instrument tracks. I only host VE Pro client on ONE of these instrument tracks. I route each of the 16 instrument to send midi info into 16 different sounds host in VE Pro server. Then I route 16 different stereo audio files back to those same instrument tracks. In Pro Tools lets say I name track 5 "Contrabass" I record enable track 5 and I play and hear Contrabass all on one track. Is this not possible in Cubase?

  • No it's not possible in Cubase. Until Steinberg enables multi timbral Instrument tracks. Even then I wouldn't use them, because it would mean that I couldn't use automation lanes on the MIDI tracks.


  • Ok, thank you.

  • I use VE Pro in Cubase 6 and PT8 and I don't understand what you're trying to articulate!

    As the previous poster said, if you want one instrument (midi and audio shared on one track), then use a regular instrument track. If you want more than one, use a multitimbral VST Instrument track, create as many midi and audio tracks as you need and put them all in a folder to keep them tidy.

    If you want to play more than one instrument in PT, you need to create more midi channels, so you end up with exactly the same number of tracks (ok, one less, as you can use the instrument track as your first midi track, but that's potentially confusing).