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  • MIR Pro question

    Hi Dietz,

    Hope all is well.   I am coming up to the point to replace one of my three farm PCs (w7 - 64 bits).  It is probably the best time to really take a hard look at MIR PRO to be able to run on that new farm unit.

    I'll try to ask these questions as succinctly as I can - given my limited knowledge of MIR PRO.

    1.   What Intel chipset do you recommend for the new farm unit (to host MirPro)

    2.  I have VEPRO on all three farm units and Master.  Can I 'port' over anything (VSL and other libraries) on the other two farm units and Master to 'MIR-ize' those signals - then port it back over to the Master for final mix?

    Thanks in advance for your answer(s).

  • I'm pretty sure what Rob's asking here is can he do Audio Input from a VE Pro5 Slave machine (that's not hosting MIR Pro) across the network to another VE Pro5 Slave machine that is the host of the MIR Pro processing? (Then of course send the MIR Pro-processed audio back to the Master machine for inclusion in his sequencer's mix.)


  • Exactly.[:D]