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  • Cubase and VSL humanize possibilties with Transformer

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    Although VI PRO has a humanize function for tuning as well as delay, I was always hoping for some more. Lately I found out that Cubase (6) has very nice Midi inserts with a so called Transformer plugin that makes it possible to randomize CC values. So this is to inform you.

    I made some examples with attack, release, humanize and filter settings here. You will hear a SE+ flute collection of 6 patches: staccato, portato, sfz, sustain, rep_legato You have to add a controller lane with continuous changing values to keep the script going on btw. Not so much work (copy-paste): it just won't work with only one value at the start.
    It is possible to set random absolute or relative (to what you have indicated yourself in a controller lane) values. Maximum of four parameters.

    I have included three different SE+ instrument mp3 files (320 kbps) for the flute, violin and bassoon.
    Furthermore two images with the transformer setup for filter and release settings.

    BTW This text was posted before, but the thread was not appropriate and the presented MP3-samples have been corrected this time with better attack settings.

    Herebelow the humanize setup.
    attack 0-13; release 55-79; filter 113-127; humanize 45-80.

    I think that Cubase rocks here again!