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  • VSL live on laptop

    Hi there,

    For a live performance I need to (temporarily) install my VSL software (+selected libraries) on a laptop.

    Is there any catch, or can I easily do this, providing I install my license key on that laptop?

    I'm asking this because the laptop will only be delivered shortly before the concert, so I won't have much time for trial and error.

    Also I've never done this before, always using VSL on 1 home pc.

    My thanks in advance,


  • There is no issue with this at all.  Install the licence key software and the license.  Then copy over all of your samples (or maybe you have an external drive you plan on bringing).  Then simply install all of the vienna software you plan on using (VE Pro, VI Pro, etc.)

    In short, treat it the same as your primary DAW machine.  Just install everything on it you need.  All you need is your dongle key to make that happen.  I do the same thing you're doing every day (carry a laptop and then back to the studio to my main DAW pc).

    Good luck!


  • Thank you for the reassurrance, Maestro, I feel safe to venture to the great outdoors now.

    All the best,