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  • Fl Studio Problem

    So i have the song sequenced and I export the song to mp3 or wav. When i hear it, some notes are missing or cut short when they shouldnt be. it takes several tries before i can get the song the way i want it to be. Its giving me some pain. Ive tried enabling polyvoice on each track, enable buffering on reverb, takign out all effects, and just using the vst alone and exporting a small wav file. Each time on playback, i have notes missing or sections cut off after the initial note is played ie: i have tremelo violins not lasting 3 seconds as it should. help me.

  • Well, I've been using FL Studio with VSL for the past year, with essentially no problems (But I might still migrate to Cubase soon).  In fact, VSL has my vote as the most stable and performant plugins on FL Studio, compared to East West and Spectrasonics =)   So the good news is that you can probably figure it out.

    Here are some of my settings, as a place to start:

    In the Wrapper plugin settings, under the "PROCESSING" tab:

      - Notify about rendering mode - yes.

      - Use fixed size buffers - yes.

      - Bridged - no.  In my experience this is still buggy and unreliable.

    I found that the way to overcome 32-bit limit is already wonderfully solved by Vienna Ensemble.  The plugin I load is 32-bit, but the external Vienna Ensemble service can be 64-bit.

    Under the menus, Options->Audio settings,

    audio buffer is 4096 samples (93 ms) - you can try adjusting that if you see the number of "Underruns" is increasing as you play audio.

    Hopefully one of those settings helps?