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  • Can't see EW Play3 in VEP 64 server


    After more than a year professional working with VEP and EW Play on Macs, I built a Windows 7/64 slave PC.

    After succsessful installing, both applications(64bit) are working, just I can't see Play in VEP.

    I would appreciate very much if somebody could help me to find out what could be wrong.

    It is true I am not as familiar with PC as with Mac.

  • Have you set the correct VST folder in the server Preferences? This is the folder you installed the PLAY program to.

  • Hey, DG,

    many thanks. You were right - I found it and now it works perfekt.

    I am really sorry to bother with such obvious questions.

    The problem is, that it is not possible any more to insist on Mac or PC.

    We now need both, but it is difficult if you are the whole life used on one platform.