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  • Can't pay via Paypal?

    Dear VSL-Team,

    I tried to purchase some DVD products to take advantage of student discount when I encountered some problems concerning payment.

    Is it possible that you can't use Paypal for payment anymore?

    Weeks ago I already ordered some software products which I could pay using Paypal.

    Thanks in advance.


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    Hi Torsten,

    Thank you for your interest in expanding your library!

    I'm afraid that the option to pay via PayPal is currently only available for downloadable products at the moment, e.g., our Download Instruments and the downloadable versions of our software products. If you want to order DVD products, you can only pay via credit card in our web shop at the moment for organizational reasons.

    I'm sorry for not having better news for you.



  • Hi Stefan,

    thank you for your answer. Now it is clear why it wasn't possible for me to select Paypal while trying to buy a dvd product.

    By the way I had found an online-shop which allowed me to use Paypal so I won't have any trouble anymore.

    Best regards,