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  • Streamlined install on 2nd computer

    I finally have a fast enough laptop that I want to try and install VSL on it.  I currently have a SE install on my studio PC, along with VE PRO and the free software.

    What I'd like to know is if I can simply copy the samples to the laptop directly, without using the DVDs, and just find the library directories with Directory Manager.

    I'm thinking of the following procedure:

    1) Update ViennaKey on studio PC

    2) Install eLicenser on laptop and verify ViennaKey works

    3) Install all VSL software on laptop and verify it runs

    4) Copy over libraries, find with Directory Manager, verify they show up in the software

    So, will this work?  Given that ViennaKey is used for copy protection, I would this would allow for copying over samples, but perhaps I'm wrong.

    Thanks for any help--Todd

  • Yep, copying the samples is the way to go.

    FWIW I have all my sample drives backed up as well, so in the case of drive failure it is only a case of copying the samples to a new drive. The thought of having to re-install all those DVDs fills me with horror. [:O]

  • Hi,i m new in this forum.Can i know if it spossible to install Vienna in 3 different computers?