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  • Update software

    Please excuse me if this is already mentioned, a search didn't bring anyting up. Or if I'm misinterpreting this:

    "OS X: Please note that Vienna Instruments 2.1 or higher is not compatible with versions older than 2.0 build 4017.

    If you are upgrading from an older version, please open and save your songs with Vienna Instruments 2.0 build 4017 first, available in the Archive below.

    Then upgrade to the latest Vienna Instruments Software.Ensemble (Version 2) for further details."

    I am using version 2 build 3238. It appears to me that in order to update I need to first install 4017, then open every single project in which I am using Viernna instruments and resave, thern update to build 8777.

    This is not practical, so i wonder if there is any alternative?

    It appears I can't ebven reinstall VI as the arvchives don't even include versions prior to 4017.

  • As far as I know this is the only way, but I was told that when yopu upgraded to the latest build it is still possible to install the older 4017 if you "forgot" to re-save some old projects - as long as you have a system on which 4017 can be installed.

  • This seems to be a complete disaster, I have no way of knowing which projects have Vienna Instruments. It means opening well over 2000 projects just to see if they need to be resaved.

    I didn't "forget" to resave as it isn't until today I discovered this problem.

    Or is there some way to find out which of my Logic projects have Vienna Instruments?

    I can't believe any developer would be quite so careless about their customers as to implement something like this.