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  • Special Edition-Strings or Special Edition-Strings PLUS?

    Hello Paul,

    I would like to purchase the Special Edition-Strings or Special Edition-Strings PLUS.


    There is a significant diference in the number of samples between two versions.

    It is puzzling because the price of the Special Edition-Strings PLUS is higher (with less samples)

    than the Special Edition-Strings (with more samples).

    Please clarify.

    Thank you,


  • Is it really that hard to have a look at the sample content on the respective product page?

    One glimpse and you will find out that the PLUS has NO basic articulations like sustained notes or the legato patch. They are an ADDition (which is just another word for PLUS) to the regular library and make absolutely no sense to buy without having the regular SE.

  • As MassMover already said, don't start out with Plus.  Plus is an add-on (though a very useful one).  The essentials are in Special Edition Strings.

    If you click on "sample content" on the product page, that will provide the list of every patch in the library.  Note that there are more samples in the "Plus" package because Plus includes the repetition patches at various speeds, with nine repetitions per note.  Those few patches will quickly increase the total number of individual samples.  The key to what is included in each library is not the number of samples per se, but the articulations.

  • roger.