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  • Chamber Strings I is awesome!!

    yes sir!!, I was really impressed with the sound, it is a real delight. I have a question now: will I get something really relevant if I buy Chamber Strings II or the extended library for Chamber Strings I?. Other question: is there any Solo Strings user here?, which one is the best? (I or II), would you recommend this library? thank!!

  • Perhaps the best question to ask is simply, what do you think you would have the most use for?

    If you can afford getting the chamber strings extended library, doing so would likely prove most helpful.  The extended collections help a great deal when seeking to emulate a real orchestra.  Especially for strings, having both standard and extended is important, particularly for all the additional legato and performance repetition samples.

    As for solo strings, it is best to start with solo strings I, as solo strings II would be secondary.  The way the string collections are organized can be a bit confusing.  Most collections are organized as I: normal; and II: sordino.  The exception is orchestra strings which is organized as I: violin, viola; and II: cello, bass.  The variety of articulations in solo strings is outstanding.

    Enjoy your new chamber strings library.

  • I agree wuth noldar12. Getting the extended library for Chamber Strings 1 seems the best option to me. I use the chamber strings a lot and cannot imagine using it now without the extended library.