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  • Matrices and patches disappearing from VI + updates are slow as f**k


    I've had this happen a few times: I'll load a project, and all the VSL instruments aren't loaded. I go check the VI instances in VE, and it appears all the patches and matrices are GONE, they don't show in the load window.

    I could fix this a couple of time by launching the Directory Manager and simply "rescanning" the 132 Gb worth of VSL libs I have...

    But this doesn't fix it anymore. So I thought it could be time to check for a software update on boith VI and VE.
    I was running VI 4.1.8008, and VE 4.18xxx something (can't recall exactly).
    I'm now running the lastet, 4.1.8861 on both.

    And now not only my matrices and patches still don't show up, instances of VI and VE take really long to launch, well above one minute when it was a few seconds before. What gives?

    I have a MAJOR deadline in a few hours and my project won't load...

    Thanks for all the help you can provide.


    I'm on Mac OS X 10.6.8, 64-bit.
    Cubase 6 (but irrelevant since the problems described above apply to standalone VI/VE)

    EDIT: Ok, I found out this is an eLicenser related issue. Either the one with my VSL licenses is dying, or it comes from the fact that USB power distribution on MacBook Pros is notoriously crappy. Doesn't solve the new builds slowness of launch issue though. :)