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  • MIR Pro

    Hello Dietz,

    1) At the time of today, MIR Pro : when exactly ?!

    Before October 31st ?

    2) Are FORTI and SERTI entirely compatible with MIR Pro ?

    And what about INSP:IR and MIR Pro ?

    Thank you !


  • Hi Florestan,

    thanks for your interest in MIR Pro!

    ad 1: As far as I can say, MIR Pro's release won't happen until the end of October, but it _will_ happen not much later than that. :-)

    ad 2: FORTI, SERTI and INSP:IR are fabulous 3rd-party library of impulse responses (supplied by Numerical Sound and Inspired Acoustics) for Vienna Suite's Convolution Reverb. Basically they have nothing to do with Vienna MIR or MIR Pro. That said, especially the "Timbral Impulse Responses" which are part of FORTI and SERTI can make a lot of sense when used as an additional insert effect for certain instruments or ensembles inside MIR, too.

    Kind regards,

    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library
  • Thank you  Dietz !