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  • I cannot reset password

    Hello, I forgot my password to log into my account on this website. When I try to reset my password it says that "Your password has been reseted. You will receive an email with your new password shortly." but nothing happens. I also sent an email to the adress a week ago, but didn't receive an answer yet. I created this account just for writing here. My username is "phileas" best regards Stephan

  • Hi Stephan,

    I'm sorry to hear of this problem.

    Maybe our automated email with the new password ended up in your spam folder? Please take a look in both the spam folder of your email service, and your email client (if you're using one).

    We've also answered your email to our support one hour after we received it - most probably this email also ended up classified as spam...

    If the problem persists, please reply in this forum and we'll figure out another way of sending you a new password. [:)]



  • Thanks a lot. The spamfilter was the malefactor.

    Best regards :)