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  • Country fiddle using solo strings?

    I have solo strings + extended. Any tips? Has anyone actually done this type of mockup anywhere on youtube etc? Something in this type of sound- The old but cool Liberty Valance record was also a nice mix throughout of mournful fiddle and full strings interplaying- Maybe I'll just have to drag out my old cheap violin and learn enough country fiddle to get by that way when needed.

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    Hi Mello

    The solo violin contains the sample sus without vibrato (extended Library).

    Try to use this articulation on one midi track (as open strings so to say).

    On an other midi track you can play the (first) melody.

    The advantage of using two midi tracks with two instances of VI is that the pitch bendings do not influence the "open string sound".

    Have a look for this here:

    As a last recommend: Use the samples above the midi velocity 89 or try also above 109.

    The country fidly is often played f. Further you got a better attack with the f-sound.

    If you need an even better attack with the notes you can combine the used articulations with a second one - sfz for example.

    How to do it? Have a look here:



    - Tips & Tricks while using Samples of VSL.. see at: - Tutorial "Mixing an Orchestra":