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  • Install of Epic Orchestra crashing

    After 5 minutes, the progress bar reaching 100%, the Library Installer seems to crash. I get the application not responding indication in the dock, the installer indicates that it is "Adding path to repository...", the "com.vsl.vsldirs1.plist" file in the Preferences folder (which was increasing in size during the install) has also stopped changing. I've tried installing from DVD and installing by copying the DVD files to my hard drive before installing. Both have the same result. Running OS 10.6.7 over here, and using v4.1.8861 of the Library installer. Please advise!

  • Hi murmurnyc, 

    Sorry to hear about that!

    Installation works perfectly fine here -  and we haven´t had any complaints about the Library Installer with OS X...

    Anything special on your computer? Anti-virus software, severe firewalls?

    I´m sure we´ll find out what it is, thanks for any additional information!



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL