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  • Logic 9 - No audio out when starting a new vienna instrument.

    Whenever i load a new vsl-patch in logic, the audio stops working. Although i can see the bars moving in the mixer :S The only way to get audio again is to restart logic. What up? My setup: iMac 27" mid 2011 high end model, Roland FA-66 audio interface and vsl special edition. EDIT: Putting the computer to sleep and waking it up again works too. Also, turning the audio interface on and of again works.

  • This could be a number of things causing this. I've got a similar iMac so I know that model has no problems running VSL. I know this sounds mundane but are you using the latest version of Vienna Instruments?

    Does the same thing happen in any other SAW's if you have any (Pro-Tools, Cubase etc.)? HAve you checked the Audio settings in Logic .. make sure that your processors are set to max (not auto). Sounds like your VSL is getting through otherwise it wouldn't appear in the Logic mixer .. which means it's a Logic issue!

    As a test you might wanna see how running the audio through the built in system handles it. If you find it's not crapping out the same as when you use the Roland then it's possible your audio interface is throwing a wrench in the works.