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  • Slave CPU seems high when idle

    Hi Guys

    My slave, or one of them, exhibits high CPU load (according to Activity Monitor) even when idle. And it is directly related to the sample buffer I set in the host DAW (the latency setting).

    It would be great if VE Pro could just have a constant latency that the partiocular slave could manage, rather than it "racing" to keep up with a more powerful host.

    My real question is, why would the CPU be running high when there are no notes being played. The instances are connected  - yes - and the CPU drops when you disconnect.

    Is this all correct? 

    This is with 8861. Slave is a 2008 MAC PRo 2.8 Dual Quad, 32 GB Ram, headless (but with video card) and no sound cards, under 10.6.8. Host is a Hexacore Mac Pro runnng RME Madi PCIe with Nuendo uinder 10.6.8. Latency is a problem (for the slave) at arouns 256 sample buffer at 48k.


  • Anyone?

  • Hi Ben, 

    Just a wild guess: Does it change if you go to 44.1kHz? Does it also depend on the number of VE PRO instances?

    What exactly is "high CPU load", would you like to send some more information to , with screenshots?



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL