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  • Talk to me about your control/mapping set ups

    So, I'm sitting here with a new Kronos88...knocking out string parts right and left that I can't play on my VSL VI. Yet...VSL sound better once you split it all into voices and program keyswitches--but, the problem is, I am not coming up with ideas without using a hardware unit that's programmed to PLAY. 

    I was just wondering if everyone has to use hardware units to get the rough idea...then maniuplate the MIDI to get VSL to appropriately respond...or if you've come up with custom patches that are more playable. I mean-this guy has a ribbon controller, sliders/knobs, two joysticks...but, the biggest issue I have is that it doesn't sharpen the attack when I hit the key harder. I've tried mapping velocity to global attack, but with the sustain articulation, there's really not much there...but, switching to a harder attack articulation, the note won't sustain out...

    Seems like we could collectivey some up with a kind of real time playable VSL preset/matrix. Crazy flexibility in the instrument...but, I can throw out ideas right and left on the Korg or my older Roland SRX04 string card...where with VSL, everything's very awkward to play in any given articulation.

  • you can 'slot' both the hard attack and the sustain and use slot crossfade, for one idea.

  • So, i mean...with so many there a place where people share their "programs"? 

  • Civilization 3 gave you a very good answer.  You can also simply layer a staccato patch with a sustain patch (though that won't give you variation apart from a controller-perhaps the mod wheel?) for a harder attack.

    There really isn't any "one" right setup.  Everyone has different goals, and each will develop their own templates/matrices/patches/methods to mesh with their own workflow and compositional goals.  The best thing to do is to really delve into what you can do within the VI and see what works for you.  If you haven't watched the tutorials or read the manual, you might find them to be helpful.  There are a wide variety of ways to use controllers (note especially the mod wheel for your purposes) to trigger different samples while playing (note that as I do not use a keyboard, I have no direct experience). 

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    @popmann said:

    So, i mean...with so many there a place where people share their "programs"? 

    Not that I know of, but I've liked the idea myself for some time now. I hate the way the default stuff we're given is organized. It works for a lot of people, but for me... I created my own templates, expression maps (cubase), and VIP matrix presets for every last instrument I own. It's the only way I felt I could get anything done. And with VIP2.0 coming out soon, I'll be creating my template all over again. It's an insane amount of tidious work, but it is worth every mind numbing second. I've thought about sharing my templates, etc. But every time I think it, I find someone else who did something crazy and very useful that makes me change my template anyway.

    As far as playability goes, I think VSL is beyond bad. BUT, in their defense... I think VSL is the best library out there, hands down! lol After watching a couple demo's on youtube of Spitfire's Albion and Percussion libraries. I was impressed with how 'good out of the box' it sounded. I realize that VSL is dry, etc. But that wasn't enough. I made my own 'mimic instruments' with VSL to see if I could accomplish the same thing. I have nearly recreated Lyndhurst hall, which I am proud of, lol... but the balance and playability is still far better in Spitfire's products. The fine tuning and 'getting what I want' is better with VSL, with a couple exceptions. I've tried very hard, eq, saturation, compression, attack, release, and so on... messing with these to get a more playable section or instrument. Nothing has worked so far.


  • Yeah...I don't really have much issue with the solo strings...legato and go...once I'm going to break it down into voices, but for the Chamber strings, it would be really nie for that Combi to have a playable "patch" to scratch out the ideas.

    Really, in the context of a pop track...I may end up just using the Kronos...with the VSL solo cello.