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  • VE Pro - Existing Logic project can't see slave servers, but new Logic projects can (build 4.1....

    Logic Pro 9.15, OSX 10.6.8 VEP 4.1.8861 New Logic projects can see the VEP servers when I instantiate and connect the AU plugin, however one of my existing Logic projects cannot, even when I create a new instrument track with a new AU instance of the plugin. Windows firewall is disabled, and problem is very easy to replicate - 100% of the time with a new project the VEP servers can be seen, while 100% of the time with my existing project they cannot be seen.

  • Are you using fixed IP?


  • Are you by chance using Novation Automap? I dont know who's at fault, but in large projects with automap on I cannot connect to new instances, but once I quit automap (without changing anything else) my VE pro instances show up. I've been able to consistently do this on my current project running Logic 9.15, os 10.6.8, VEP 4.1.8861 & Novation Automap 3.2. Hopefully this will be fixed either with VE pro 5 or Automap 4!