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  • Using a joystick with VSL [SOLVED]

    Hi guys.

    I found one post with the same inquiry about using a joystick as a crossfader, and that guy eventually found a link on this site with a demonstration. Unfortunately that link doesn't point to the .mov anymore, so I wondered if any of you could nudge me in the right direction?

    EDIT: After hours of searching the web I've come to the preliminary conclusion that Windows Vista discontinued MIDI support and that there's not much to do about this.

    I'm on Windows 7 64, with VSL Special Edition Plus. As mentioned I'd very much like to use my joystick as a controller, and I've tried the registry "fix" (which didn't fix anything), installing MidiYoke and Rejoice, but still there's no MIDI device to enable...

    Have anyone of you washed up at the same shore and were able to find a way around this?

  • Hi again.

    I literally spent eight hours trying to work out how to get my joystick act as a controller in VSL. Obviously I was working down numerous cul de sacs until the answer stood there, quite easy so:

    I installed "LoopBe1" - which basically is a virtual MIDI cable that let one software's output connect to another software's input.
    Secondly I installed "Rejoice" (you have to google a host) - Which maps your joystick or gamecontroller and sends a MIDI output.

    In Rejoice you select the LoopBe1 output -> In the VSL Ensemble MIDI mapper you select the LoopBe1 input. Couldn't be simpler.

    I really hope those who are in the same situation as I were finds this post, because I took all the wrong turns in trying to work this out.

  •  I think this subject is fascinating. If you have time, it would be great if you could share how you intend to use this, and what benefits there are.