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  • VE Pro 64-bit standalone crashes with OS 10.7

    I have tried running build 8783 and 8861 in 64-bit standalone mode on Lion. Both builds crash shortly after firing up Kontakt 4. Any VEP version that is compatible with Kontakt 4 and OS Lion yet?

  • Hello Megan, 

    That´s strange, both VE PRO 8783 and 8861 should work just fine with Lion (only change in this regard: We have updated the Library Installer). Please send the crash report to , so that we can take a look!



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Turns out, the crashing was occurring with Kontakt 4. I was able to load a few other audio units engines (like PLAY). However, the problem I am running into now is this: When I save the VE Pro 64-bit standalone project, and then close out VEP, and then reopen that saved project, the audio units are missing. Any ideas? Thanks!