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  • Motorised fader any good for writing velocity crossfade information...?

    Hi everyone, I'm thinking of getting a motorised fader to be able to write velocity crossfades more easily and with more "feeling". I had a look at the steinberg CC127 and PreSonus Faderport so far but I can't make out if you can assign ANY CC channel to the motorised fader,their manuals only speak of the volume and fader does anyone have any experience with this or have any other tips regarding writing velocity crossfade information without using the mouse...?

  • I don't know about the CC127, but Faderport is Volume automation only. Have a look at the Alphatrack instead.


  • Thanks a lot for the advice, I will definitely check it out. /Tobias

  •  Hmm, i checked out the Alphatrack but was somehow dissappointed.

    It is from 2007, and still referred as latest news on also on some shops it is listed as discontinued ....

    However Featureswise and prisewise it looks quite interresting, I would just miss some more faders - but i fear that new drivers might really get an issue ...

  • Ok yes I also came to the conclusion thar it wasn't quite right for my needs. Most people seem to use mod wheel or maybe breath controller, but I don't have a mod wheel on my keyboard and feel a bit doubtful if a breath controller would work for me since you need to have careful control on the levels.