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  • VSL does not show me server connections although I can Remote Desktop and ping the slave machin...

    Hi Guys, I have been using two PCs linked together with a single crossover cable successfully for a few years now. However I am moving over to MAC as my master studio machine and want to use the slave PC as my Vienna Ensemble machine (as it was anyway) I have networking operating fine between the new MAC and the Slave PC. I can ping it, I can get to the slave PC in the MAC finder and I can remote Desktop connect to the slave PC so that I can use it from the one machine. However, In Cubase 6.02 when I bring up a Vienna Ensemble instance in the VST RACK and the dialog appears it does not show me any possible servers to connect to. Its totally blank. I expect to see Vienna Server 32 and Vienna server 64 bit so that I can connect to the slave machine I'm thinking is it a MAC network privacy preference hidden somewhere? A friend of mine is using exactly the same config (MAC to PC) and his worked first time. I'm puzzled and dont know what else I can try to resolve the issue. regards Martin

  • do you have the Firewall enable on the Mac ?

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