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  • Fortepiano + hairpins are useless in Sibelius 6 & 7 with Vienna

    Hi, I suppose this is a bug in Sibelius. No matter how I enter the settings in the playback dictionary with different decay, with different goal dynamic or whatever, fortepiano + hairpins (crescendo) simply doesn't work. Let's say you have 3 bars in 4/4: two whole notes tied over two bars and a 8:th accented noted on the first beat in the third bar. Then the convinient notation for making "fortepiano and then crecendo up to the 8:th would be: * fp under the first whole note * hairpin crecendo under both bars * a target dynamic under the 8:th. But it seems as the hairpin "interupts" the decay of the fp and bring it to it's own start dynamic. Has anyone solved this? It's been bugging me for a long time.

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