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  • Large Matrices Navigation

     I couldn't find the search menu for this forum. Is there one? I was looking for information regarding large matices (more than 2 rows) navigation. Right now, I only seem to be able to do a successful navigation of horizontal and vertical on 2 rows of 5 cells.

    If I go 6 cells, my key triggers end up in the audible range and there doesn't seem to be enough room on the MIDI KB to go an additional 3 or 4 rows down. I'm using VSL Solo Strings with Nuendo 4.3. All of my triggers have to be one octave below the VSL Key Settings (VSL says C2 so the Nuendo MIDI triggers have to be at C1). So, I start running into problems when I hit the C0 range. I SHOULD be able to navigate several rows of cells, just using the horizontal & vertical controllers, right?

    Could anybod here tell me how to set the key triggers to work on a 5X5 matrix? Thanks!

    1. The reason that the keyswitches are named differently in Nuendo than VSL is that VSL uses the International Scientific Pitch of Middle C being C4, Nuendo uses C3
    2. You don't have to use the given keyswitches. You can make your own. For example, mine are all on the two octaves lower than an 88 key keyboard, so that I can use the same keyswitches for all instruments, and not have to use low ones for high instruments and high ones for low instruments. You can access them by using a second keyboard (or mini keyboard) set to play these notes.
    3. You could also set a continuous controller instead of keyswitches.

    It all depends on how you like to work. VSL is very flexible, and once you get your head round all the choices, you will probably want to design your own Presets and Matrices.