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  • [Solved] Licenser ERROR: XML Parsing error. Please contact software vendor.

    hello, i have a problem downloading a new license with the syncrosoft elicenser. i already have a vi instrument installed and a vi key registered. i just bought another instrument and when i paste the activationcode and click start (to download the license) this message showed up : "TokenActivationContainer: XML Parsing error. Please contact software vendor." what can i do? thanks, marcus

  • Are you using the latest eLicenser software?


  • i don`t know. i have the syncrosoft installed. the homepage seems to be not available??? the other elicenser (from the vi homepage) wants microsoft framework. i downloaded and installed framework 4 but the licenser cannot be installed because he cannot find framework.(run error) it really pisses me off right now.

  • the licenser software is from 2009 but i cant find a new syncrosoft download

  • That's because Syncrosoft doesn't exist any more. Go here instead:


  • yeah, with this licenser i had the problem that he doesn`t work with framework 4. now i installed framework 2.0 and it all finally worked. thanks