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  • VI-Pro Bug - Feature Req. - Beat Kaufmann

    I discovered a bug in VI Pro in trying to create a Violin II instrument (while impatiently waiting for VSL divisi); I adjusted the 'semitone' setting to 1 on each patch and hoped that I could adjust the MasterTune for the whole instrument.

    The Bug: After adjusting the semitone setting, the legato patch (on multiple instruments) is now playing the attack a half step lower and the rest of the sample is played correctly. It essentially sounds like a grace note. This isn't on every note, but several. If I mess with settings or change articulations, sometimes the notes are affected by 'grace-not syndrome' will change.

    The Feature Request: The 'Master Tune' setting can only be adjusted from 420 to 460. If this could be adjusted to 415, this would be an entire half-step; this would make a Violin II possible via VSL template, instead of having to always draw the pitch bend in Cubase. I can think of 3 reasons why this is beneficial, but for now... I'll simply recommend that VSL adjust this to allow more flexibility. I believe this should be very easy for VSL to implement.

    VSL SE edition & Beat Kaufmann: In Beat's tutorials (thanks Beat!), he states that the SE editions are only including samples in whole-steps. Is this true? If so, then I would hope that VSL will add this feature with that in mind, allowing for SE users to at least create a Violin II instrument. even though a divisi setup may be to artificial sounding to implement.



  • Great idea! I 2nd that request! :-)

  • Someone replied!!!! lol

    I figure it's a pretty easy to implement and useful feature request, so I was hoping there'd be more interest.


  • Has anyone from VSL read this?

    I have no expectations or anything, but I'd like to know if the request has at least been seen by someone...?



  • Hi Sean, 



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL