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  • latency introduced over time

    Does it make sense that over time latency seems to get longer? I've got some samples loaded (mostly in PLAY) and if I leave things open say overnight the next morning if I come back and try to play a faster passage, there is noticeable delay or latency making it harder to work with. I haven't changed anything, the only thing I've done is left things open. Almost like a type of memory leak where overtime things get slower and slower. I love VE Pro but have noticed this lately and it makes things less usable.

  • ideas?

  • but the buffer on the sound card hasn't changed??? are you traveling over ethernet or localhost?

  • buffer on both machines hasn't changed at all. this is over ethernet. I'm not running an instance outside of Logic on the same machine. I'm going straight form my Mac Pro into a custom Windows 7 box. Everything works well except this delay. I find myself restarting just to clear things out when one of the main reasons for using VE Pro was so I could leave large templates open and not have to reload all the time. Any ideas on what I could check?