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  • Best way to Get LOW Latency with VE-PRO? comparing Standalone to Server

    Is it best to not have to many Kontacts running on my Main mac and have most of the load put

    onto the slaves?? Is this the way to keep latency down to 128 buffer on the master??

    If I want to stay at 128 buffer on the master how much stress to the cpu does each new VE-pro slave add?

    Has anyone compared VEP stand alone to the VEP server  latency?? If I have VEP in stand alone mode and have

    my main mac set to 128 buffer and my slave set to 128 buffer how would this set up compare to VEP server set to a buffer of  128 buffer

    on master 128 buffer on slave?

    thanks so much for the help,


  • anybody???

  • I've been battling this combination myself.. and here's what i've found.

    If you have a DAW that has Automatic Delay Compensation (ADC) then the Server is your best bet. I use Digital Performer which has ADC and, with VEP Server, latency is not noticeable (even at 256 and 2 buffer) and playback is sample accurate. However, the more plugin instances of the server you have, it seems to add CPU usage, so idk if 128 will work with 4+ server instances.. again 256 is working just fine for me.

    Now, If you use the standalone, this means you need some sort of "piped back" audio. For me I have MOTU's 2408's using 3 banks of ADAT. Not sure what you're using, but either way you go, you'll have to have audio coming back somehow... and this, my friend, adds latency that no DAW can "compensate" for.

    So, for latency sake, the server is your only real option.

    For me, i kind of use a hybrid. I use VE Server for all my perc / fast attacking samples that I get caught up on if there's latency, and for pad stuff and strings etc., i use the standalone with ADAT coming back. It saves my DP template from having 20 VEP Server plugins and with pads, latency is not noticeable..

    But with DP i'm limited to the 16 midi channel Bull S&^# AU Standard... if there was a MAS version.. things would be waaay different in my setup...

    Hope that helps...


  • I am using Cubase.  So It does have delay compensation.

    I tried using the stand alone but found that I can't get the audio to line up

    when it gets back into the master. So now I am going to try going back to server

    but add a fast PC slave to get rid of most of the VI on the master mac.

  • +1 for a powerful server, the faster the CPU on the server the lower you can set your latency without any audio artifacts occurring.

  • Cubase and Nuendo: these, my friend, can compensate for the audio buffer. Set up an External Instrument, and Cubendo will pre-day MIDI to compensate. You can also manually tweak it.

  • the problem is that Cubase is not sample acurate when using Ve pro in stand alone

    I have done a bunch of tests and now have gone back to useing Ve pro server because of the timing is tight