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  • ViennaKey demo licenses

    I have two new ViennaKeys and neither has the 180 starts demo license on them. I have the latest eLicenser Control Center (eLC version on Snow Leopard. The keys seem to work fine with the licenses I have purchased but I was thinking of trying out a couple of other programs before making a purchase decision.

    Is there something that needs to be done to download the license?



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    Hello Tony,

    It´s true, we have removed the demo licenses from the ViennaKeys.

    If you´d like to get a demo license for a certain software product, you can get it online on the software product pages (click "try").

    As far as I can tell, there´s no real use of a demo license for the products you have registered so far.

    But of course you can always contact us at , we´ll do our best to help you.



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL