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  • Double Basses not playing in VE???

    Hey there :-)

    The C0 note (Kontra-C in German) won´t play in VE. But when I open another track and only insert the VI (without VE) it works. What am I doing wrong?

    Patch: Orchestral Strings, 31S DB-6 staccato

    Logic 9.1.5

    Mac os 10.6.8

    VI newest version VE newest version

    Thanks! Stefan

    BTW, why is my text alway unformatted when I post it?

    1. You probably have a keyswitch assigned to the note that won't play.
    2. You need to go to our Profile and select "enhanced"


  • Hi DG!

    1.: That must be it! Thank you! I will check as soon as I come home! 

    2.: Thanks for this tip as well!

    Greetings, Stefan